Pink Unicorn Hot Chocolate Cup

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Unicorn Gift cup filled with our White Hot Chocolate that turns Pink when prepared. The packaging has been completely redesigned for this season. More decorative and more environmentally friendly. Recyclable cardboard cup now features a decorative theme wrapped all around, more fun to sip and enjoy. Each is filled with a matching pouch of our finest Hot Chocolate mix and is topped off with a dome filled with mini dehydrated marshmallows, enough to top off many cups of your favorite Hot Chocolate. 58 g (2 oz)

NEW BIGGER DIMENSIONS Each cup is 17 cm (7”) tall x 9.5 cm (3.75”) wide (previous version was only 14 cm (5.5”) tall)


Pour hot chocolate mix into the recyclable paper cup provided. Add 170-230 ml (6-8 oz) very hot water or milk and stir well. Top with marshmallows & enjoy!