U-Pick Fields | Krause Berry Farms

Seasonal U-Pick Fields 2022

Our upick pumpkin patch and Barley Maze are open Wednesday to Sunday 930-5pm

The maze and patch are free to enter and enjoy - simply pay for the pumpkins you pick.

pricing for pumpkins is below

Upick Strawberries & blackberries are open this week as long as there are berries to be found. Please check instagram or facebook to confirm before coming.

Upick Blueberries are now done for the season.

Visit our social media pages each morning to confirm upick fields are open before you visit, as things do change and crops can close early or need a rest for a few days.

Upick Pumpkin Patch Pricing:

Baseball Pumpkin 1.50

Small Pumpkin 4.00

Medium Pumpkin 7.50

Large Pumpkin 13.00

X Large Pumpkin 18.00

Giant XXL Pumpkin 25.00


Speciality Small baseball size pumpkin 2.50

Small Speciality Pumpkin 6.00

Medium Speciality Pumpkin 10.00

Giant Speciality Pumpkin 28.00

X Large Speciality Pumpkin 30.00


Sugar Pumpkins 6.50

Small White Pumpkins 6.00

Medium White Pumpkins 10.00

large White Pumpkins 15.00

X Large White Pumpkins 30.00


How our Upick Berry Fields Works:

Upick is done by pre-purchasing buckets from our berry booth before you begin to pick - each guest over two must purchase a container to enter the field. This means we do not allow outside containers - but we do invite you to return with your clean Krause Berry Farms containers for a discount when you check in at the berry upick booth. Staff will direct you to the berry fields you are looking for.

PLEASE Follow us on instagram to stay updated on field openings, early closures each day, upick conditions or waffle topping changes. We post updates when they happen - always check instagram or facebook before you visit us.

Upick Strawberry & Blackberry Prices are all the same - the price includes the container & berries you pick.

1.5 lb basket $5.00
4 litre basket (5.5lbs) $18.00
8 litre basket (5.5-6 lbs) $36.00

Pre-Picked Blueberries

Small Basket $5.00
Large Basket $12.00
10 lb Flat $39.00

Pre-Picked Raspberries

Small Basket $6.00
6 Pack of small baskets $35.00
10lb Flat $62.50

Pre-Picked Strawberries

Small basket (approx 1lb) $5.50

Large Basket (approx 2.6 lbs) $14.50

Small Flat 10 lbs $52.50

Large Flat 15 lbs $76.50

Frozen Berries Year Round 

Find Frozen Berries in our Market freezers September to December, and from our Online Store year round.

 Krause Berry Farms also grows super sweet yellow corn, Russian garlic and a variety of squash. We support other BC growers by bringing in fruits and vegetables like rhubarb, english peas, potatoes, Okanagan cherries and peaches.

Visit our Market through the seasons to see what's available.

No outside food or beverages

No smoking or vaping

No pets/animals 

Family Friendly Upick blueberry fields in the Fraser Valley. Langley upick fields. Upick blueberries, upick blackberrries, upick strawberries upick raspberries.

Family Friendly Upick fields in the Fraser Valley, Langley BC. Upick blueberries, upick blackberries, upick raspberries, upick strawberries. Pick your own berries in the Fraser Valley

*Berry Important Note*

As soon as you get home, put your berries in the refrigerator.  You can't leave them in the garage overnight.  Our berries are more perishable than those imported, because they are picked fresh and not green.  There also aren't any added preservatives for freshness added.  

The sooner you process them, the better the flavour.

Upick berry fields in the Fraser Valley. Berry picking for the family in Langley BC. Upick strawberries, upick blackberries, upick blueberries, upick raspberries.

If you didn't get enough berries in the summer...

Frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen blackberries, frozen raspberries. Frozen BC berries sold at our Market year round. IQF berries from Krause Berry Farms in Langley BC

We sell them frozen year round inside the Market until December, and from The Porch (open daily) January to May.

You can also shop online and schedule a pick up from the Porch January to May.