Fresh Hot Waffle Bar | Krause Berry Farms

Serving Fresh Hot Waffles Year Round

The Waffle Bar is Now Open 7 Days a Week 

The Waffle Bar is open daily 9am-330pm in the centre tented area between the Market and the Winery.

Come see us on Saturdays this year! As we are celebrating our 50th year in business in 2024, every Saturday we will be giving away a fresh hot waffle (or two) to random guests. 

Waffle toppings change with the season, and in the summer months they change with the berry crops that are being harvested.

Waffles are first come first serve - reservations are not taken.
Waffles can also be made to go and are packaged using 100% biodegradable containers, cutlery napkins and cups!
*Please Note*
Each Waffle is made fresh when ordered and many guests order 3-4 waffles each. Our vegan gluten friendly waffle takes twice as long to cook as the regular waffle.
Please be kind to our staff as they are making them as fast as they can.

Current Topping: Fresh Strawberry

Our fresh hot regular waffles have a seasonal topping (fresh berries in the summer months or cooked fruit toppings in the fall to spring), our own farm made berry or apple syrup and real whipped cream. Can be made vegan gluten friendly.

*Our vegan gluten friendly waffles come with seasonal toppings (fresh berries in the summer months, cooked fruit toppings in the fall to spring), our farm made berry or apple syrup and vegan coco whip.

*Our waffles can be made vegan/gluten friendly*

*We do not recommend our Gluten Friendly waffles to guests who are celiac.

*Please be aware we are not a certified gluten free facility and there is always a chance of cross contamination*. 
Gluten friendly vegan waffles contain soy, rice, potato & coconut and are produced in a kitchen where nut products and regular flour are used. 
Please let our cashier know if it is a preference or a health issue as we have four dedicated irons for Gluten Friendly waffles.  We can steam clean other irons for faster service when it's busy so guests don't have to wait so long if it's a preference for a gluten free waffle vs an allergy.


Regular Waffle with seasonal topping, our berry syrup and real whipped cream $13.95
Vegan Gluten Friendly Waffle with seasonal topping, our berry syrup and coco whip $15.50 


Waffle Toppings are Seasonal

January to May we offer a hot blueberry compote topped waffle.
In June, when fresh berry harvest begins, we serve fresh sliced strawberry waffles. As the summer crops ripen over the weeks, we offer fresh raspberry and fresh blueberry topped waffles. Summer toppings are based on the berries being harvested each week and their abundance. 
Once our summer crops have all been harvested, we move into a hot baked apple topping and a pumpkin waffle in the fall.

Come see us year round and find your favourite topping.

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All our take out containers & cutlery are biodegradable.

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