Welcome to Krause Berry Farms

Thank you to EVERYONE who joined us for our 9th Annual Farmer's Feast

It was a GREAT day!

Berry Update

The Blueberry Bus will be shuttling guests to our blueberry u-pick fields Monday - Friday 8:30am-4pm

We have freshly picked CORN - from our fields - available in the Market 

$7 for a bakers dozen!

 The BLUEBERRY Bus will take our guests to the u-pick fields

from 8:30am - 4pm @ $1.75/lb

We have pre-picked Blueberries in the Market

Our EVERBEARING STRAWBERRIES are just starting to come off the field and into the Market.  There is a limited quanity available.

The RASPBERRY u-pick fields are almost at an end.  They are $1.85/lb

There is a limited supply of pre picked raspberries available in the Market for purchase.

The thornless blackberry u pick fields are open at $1.85/lb

There are pre-picked BLACKBERRIES available in the Market. 


Please be kind and pay for all the berries you pick - before you eat them.

Thank you BERRY much!



We are OPEN    8:30 am - 5:30 pm!

with the U-Pick fields at the main farm closing at 5pm


See you BERRY soon!

Look what farmer Alf just picked in our fields!

Fresh from our fields - Corn on the Cob!

Thank you to everyone who attended the butterfly release!

It was beautiful!!

Upcoming Cooking Classes with Wolfgang

at the Farmer's Table Cooking School

Please visit the Cooking School tab to sign up for an upcoming cooking class with Wolfgang at the Farmer's Table Cooking School and watch for upcoming special events at our Estate Winery!

Become a Farm Friend and be the first to know about all the special events at the farm!

Thank you for Celebrating with us!!

We are ALL so happy that the bridge is OPEN again!!


What's Happening TODAY?

We are OPEN

8:30AM - 5:30PM DAILY

Thursday nights we are open until 9pm


U-Pick Fields close at 1/2 hr before closing time


July 21st - 25th


Blueberries are available pre-picked in the Market

The Blueberry Bus is shuttling our guests to the U-Pick fields from 8:30am - 4pm

They are $1.75/lb. 


We have CORN!  Freshly picked corn on the cob is in the Market!!


Raspberries are almost finished.

We have a limited supply of pre-picked raspberries in the Market


There is a limited supply of  Everbearing strawberries coming into the Market and we anticipate having them available until Thanksgiving.



The thornless blackberry u-pick fields are open & are $1.85/lb

Pre-picked Blackberries are now available in the Market. 


Please be kind and remember to pay for all the berries you pick before you eat them.


Thank you BERRY much!



Story Time - Tuesdays & Thursdays  9:30am - 10am

in the Covered Wagon close to the U-Pick Flower Garden


We accept Cash, Debit Cards, M/C & Visa

Have a BERRY Great Day!!


**Visit our "From the Field" tab to see our NO PETS POLICY**

**There is no outside food permitted nor picnics permitted on the farm**

Hours of Operation

OPEN for the SUMMER Season

Daily Summer Hours

8:30am - 5:30pm


Thursdays ONLY

open until 9pm


U-Pick Fields Close 1/2 hr before closing


Fresh Berry Waffles Available from 9am - 3pm Daily

& until 8:30pm on Thursday nights


Please watch our website for the special events happening in our Estate Winery and remember to check out our Cooking Classes with Wolfgang at the Farmer's Table.

Contact Us

Krause Berry Farms
6179 248th Street, Langley, BC, Canada, V4W 1C3
Phone: 604.856.5757
Email: info@krauseberryfarms.com
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