Table Wines  

Apple Wine   750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

After a long and dusty ride, put your boots up and enjoy this clean, crisp, light dry wine with a lingering taste. The perfect companion for pork and white meat.


Blackberry Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

Born in the high range country, with a flavour inspired by the West Coast. Take this fresh fruit flavour to the table with beef or enjoy a glass in the company of friends. 

2016 North West Wine Summit - Bronze



Black Currant Wine (Reserve) 

750mL $20.00,  375mL $13.00

It took you hours to track him down and skill to bag him, but now that you have that moose the easy part is finding a wine that is up to the challenge of pairing with game; the “sure shoot” is the bold European style flavour of this unique wine.

Blueberry Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

A fishing reel, a hand tied fly, and a bottle of blueberry wine; now you're ready to capture the best flavours of salmon. This off-dry wine knows how to treat risotto or cheese, gently, like a shy boy's kiss.

Bumbleberry Wine (Reserve)  

750mL $20.00,  375mL $13.00

Not sure of your target, here’s the shot gun approach, a powerful load of explosive flavour from a mix of field fruits, sure to bring down a great taste experience.

Elderberry Wine (Reserve)

750mL $20.00,  375mL $13.00

The product of a dark and sinister past, this gunslinger of a wine packs a punch, with woody tannins that will call out a slice of prime rib for a        show down.

Eureka (Blueberry Reserve)  

750mL $20.00,  375mL $13.00

You don't have to go digging around to discover a perfect pairing for beef, with more character than the old time prospector, this wine, crafted Reka blueberries is sure to please. You may not find gold, but you'll strike it rich.

Gold Medalist 2015 Finger Lakes Wine Competition - Blueberry Wines

Bronze Medalist 2015 All Canadian Wine Championships - Soft Fruit Off Dry

Oaked Apple Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

We’ve rounded up six varieties of apples and add a warm touch of American oak, to create  a wine that will remind you of dappled sunlight streaming through the lace curtains of the farm house parlor.  This wine has a gentle, smooth and refreshing, clean apple taste that is a perfect guest on the veranda.  

Bronze Medalist 2016 Finger Lakes Wine Competition - Apple Wines


Raspberry Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

This is a wine that bursts from the gate with energy of a Brahma Bull. Too much fruit flavour to keep corralled, but run it with turkey or pork and you are sure to give your palate a wild ride.



Rhubarb with Strawberry Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

Like the farmer's daughter, an off dry blend captures a hint of mischief with that bouquet of summer and a bushel of fruit flavour.



Strawberry Wine  

750mL $18.00,  375mL $11.00

The gentle sway of her hair shining in the sparkling sun, the bouquet of the first fruits of summer, this is an off dry wine inspired by romance. Share it on the porch swing with someone special.



Tayberry Wine (Platinum)

750mL $22.00,  375mL $14.00

This is a wine with fruit notes as bright and cheerful as the songbirds in the pine trees of the mountain ranges, but like a woodland sprite it dances across your palate with every changing flavours. 

2018 North West Wine Summit - Gold



Port, Dessert & Sparkle

Blackberry Portoe  500ml $30.00

The rich flavor of blackberry with the intrigue of black currant, carefully blended and aged on American oak, creates the perfect after dinner companion.

2017 Double Gold Great American International

Blueberry Dessert Wine   

375ml $20.00

The double fermented, not fortified, dessert wine creates a smooth, fruit-forward taste that is sweet enough to stand up to your favourite dessert without being too sweet you get stuck to the table. After a couple of sips you may be sweet talking the Sherriff.

2018 Gold Great American International    Wine Competition


Cassis (Black Currant) Dessert Wine  375ml $30.00

There, in the shadowy recesses of the garden, the air heavy with the pungent bouquet of black currant, you’ll find her waiting for you. Rich elegant European style enrobed in red velvet colours that set off her legs, you may not be able to resist.

2017 Canada Double Gold Winner

          Best Fruit Wine of the Year

Raspberry Dessert Wine  375ml $20.00

“Down home” comfort in a glass, with a smooth, bright raspberry flavor that loves the company of chocolate. Compare the long lingering sweet finish to your lover’s kiss.

2016 BC Wine Awards Bronze

Tayberry Dessert Wine  375ml $20.00

Behold the bouquet that lures you to the mystical depths, from whence a fruit explosion dances across your palette, pretends nothing happened and then returns to do it all over again

Gold Medalist 2015 All Canadian Wine Championships – Soft Fruit Dessert

2016 BC Wine Awards Bronze

Sparkling Apple Wine  750ml $26.00

It is said that when you drink Sparkling Wine you are drinking stars. The feisty finish of granny smith apples is the star of this show. Celebrate with eggs benedict for breakfast, mix a mimosa for lunch, or enjoy it when the stars come out to play.

2019 Silver Savor Northwest

Sparkling Blueberry Wine  

750ml $26.00      375ml $15.00

Just like having your sweet Aunt drop by with a tray of cookies, this is a wine with exciting sparkle and sweet fruit flavor. A special treat for anytime.

2016 North West Wine Summit Gold & Crystal Rose Award

2017 Bronze Great American International

2017 Bronze Savor Northwest


Sparkling Raspberry Wine

750ml $26.00        375ml $15.00

Deep red colour like a Valentine heart, and a million sparkling bubbles filled with energy of a new found love. If you like the sweet things in life, pop the cork and let your passions flow.

Double Gold Medalist Best in Class 2015 All Canadian Wine Championships, Fruit Sparkling

Bronze Medalist 2015 Wine Aline Awards of Canada, other Categories


Sparkling Strawberry Wine 750ml $26.00

This bubbly is worth of a celebration. A dry sparkling wine that blends romance with the fresh taste of summer. Enjoy it with chocolate as you lounge on the deck at the end of the day. It pairs with great times… Imagine the possibilities.


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