U-Pick Fields, Crop Watch & Fresh Berry Sales

Upick fields open at 830am

Raspberry U-Pick is Open.

Strawberry U-Pick is now finished for the season.

Everbearing Strawberries still to come around end of July but are pre-picked only.

Blueberries appearing in the Market, upick mid July

Please be aware fields can often be picked out early.

Weather, availability of berries and number of guests all factor into the decisions of how to provide excellent care.  Sometimes the best response is to close an area.  

Please visit our Instagram or Facebook pages for instant updates.

You do not need a reservation - first come first pick.

Fresh pre-picked berries are available daily from the Market or from our drive thru while supplies last.

Fresh berries are not available online.

Raspberry Upick Pricing:

Children’s 1 Litre basket (approx 1-1.5 lbs) $5

4 Litre basket  (approx 5-6 lbs) $18

Pre-picked Raspberries in the Market or Drive Thru:

1 lb basket $5.00

6 pack  flat $27.00

10 lb flat $49.00


Pre-Picked Blueberries

Small basket $4.00

Large Basket $10.00

10 pound Box $35.00

U-Pick Strawberries are finished for the season.

Everbearing strawberries still to come end of July

*please note - fresh berries are not available online*


No outside containers

(not even your previously purchased Krause containers)

Every guest small to large, entering fields must purchase a container.


Guests purchase a basket with the price based on a full basket of berries.

Our guests will then proceed to stop #2 to receive a row assignment and then once the guests have finished picking they are then able to return to their vehicle.


We please ask that guests do not eat the berries so to remove a dangerous touchpoint of a guest putting a berry in their mouth and then touching the plants again.

Thank you for following the direction of our staff.   

No outside food or beverages

No smoking or vaping

No pets/animals

Become a farm friend and get updates via email.


Strawberries upick winding down

U-Pick Fields Open 830am

Fresh/Frozen in the Market



Upick fields open 830am

Fresh & Frozen raspberries in Market


Blueberries picked in Market

U-Pick fields are now closed.

Frozen (IQF) blueberries in Market or online.



Upick fields are now closed.

Frozen (IQF) blackberries in Market or online.

The Vegetable Garden 

Farm Produce

From Spring to Winter, we carry seasonal produce grown on our farm or sourced locally from farms in BC.

Asparagus, rhubarb, green beans, garlic, corn, brussel sprouts, nugget potatoes, Okanagan fruits, apples & pears . Find fresh produce in our Market May to December or in the Estate Winery on weekends in the spring.  


Helpful Hints & Freezing Tips for Berries

Only wash your berries when you are ready to use them.  Sort them quickly, removing any leaves or stems.  Process or freeze your berries the same day you recieve them for maximum flavour & quality.  Berries are perishable and lose their quality quickly.  Never soak your berrries in water.  For best results, rinse lightly and drain in a colander.  Let dry on paper towel or absorbent tea towels.
Spread berries on a cookie sheet after they have been cleaned and allowed to dry.  Place sheets in freezer.  When the berries are frozen, place them in a plastic freezer back or rigid plastic container.  
Mark with a date, and pop back in the freezer.

Picking Advice

1.  Picking strawberries with or without hulls depends on what you plan to do with the berries.  if you're not going to be able to process them for while, or you want them for fresh eating, leave the hulls on.  They will stay fresher longer.  If you're just taking them directly home to make jam or freeze them, pick the hulls off as you pick them.  It will save you time later.

2.  As soon as you get home, put your berries in the refrigerator.  You can't leave them in the garage overnight.  Our berries are more perishable than those imported, because they are picked fresh and not green.  There also aren't any added preservatives for freshness added.  The sooner you process them, the better the flavour.

3.  It's best to pick in the morning, when there are lots of berries and it's cooler.  You can take them home and process them in the afternoon.


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email us: info@krauseberryfarms.com

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