U-Pick Fields, Crop Watch & Fresh Berry Sales

We Grow 4 Types of Berry Crops

If you didn't get enough berries to last you the year - don't worry, we sell our frozen berries from the Estate Winery January 18th to mid May 2020.  Open Friday to Sunday 10am - 4pm.

You'll never have to go without.

Can We Bring our Pet to the Farm?

No...we absolutely love animals, but sorry - you cannot bring pets of any kind to the farm.  For the health and security of all our guests here at the farm, we ask you to please leave your pets at home - and do not leave them in the car

or tied up in the hot sun unattended.  Though we are sure you're an amazing pet owner, and that your pet is

extremely well behaved, sadly, that is not always the case.  

Pets urinate & defecate on our berry crops, plants, in our fields & walkways.  Owners leave their bags of poop around the farm and in our parking lot.  Thank you for understanding.



U-Pick Fields are now Closed

Frozen (IQF) strawberries in the winery.



Upick fields are now closed.

Frozen (IQF) raspberries in the winery.



U-Pick fields are now closed.

Frozen (IQF) blueberries in the winery.



Upick fields are now closed.

Frozen (IQF) blackberries in the winery.

The Vegetable Garden 

Farm Produce

From Spring to Winter, we carry seasonal produce grown on our farm or sourced locally from farms in BC.

Asparagus, rhubarb, green beans, garlic, corn, brussel sprouts, nugget potatoes, Okanagan fruits, apples & pears . Find fresh produce in our Market May to December or in the Estate Winery on weekends in the spring.  


Did You Know...

We also have a u-pick flower garden in the Summer Season.

For $10.00 you can snip yourself a pretty bouquet of flowers.

We'll loan you a pair of snips and give you a vase to showcase them in.

See the cashier in the Winery for assistance.

Please call ahead to confirm when the garden is open for picking. 



Helpful Hints & Freezing Tips for Berries

Only wash your berries when you are ready to use them.  Sort them quickly, removing any leaves or stems.  Process or freeze your berries the same day you recieve them for maximum flavour & quality.  Berries are perishable and lose their quality quickly.  Never soak your berrries in water.  For best results, rinse lightly and drain in a colander.  Let dry on paper towel or absorbent tea towels.
Spread berries on a cookie sheet after they have been cleaned and allowed to dry.  Place sheets in freezer.  When the berries are frozen, place them in a plastic freezer back or rigid plastic container.  
Mark with a date, and pop back in the freezer.

Picking Etiquette

1.  Call ahead before you plan to come to hear about our berry availability and field conditions.

2. Check in at the u-pick station.  If you brought your own containers to pick into, make sure to have them weighed.  The weight will be deducted from the total weight of your berries upon check out.  We also have u-pick containers to purchase for $1.00 each.

3. Try to pick all the ripe berries.  The small ones taste just as good as the big ones..

4. Should you bring the kids?

That depends on how many berries you plan to pick and how old your kids are.  If you're a family on an outing, and you only want to pick enough berries for dessert, of course you can bring your children into the fields.  If you need 50 pounds or more for a years' supply of preserves or smoothies...probably not a good idea - unless your kids are old enough to help!  Also, remember it gets very hot in the fields, so please pack hats and sunscreen.

We have water and food for purchase on the porch.

Please remember, if you do bring your kids, that berries are very tempting to eat.  Please remember our fields are like grocery shelves, and all berries must be paid for before eating.  If you would like a sample taste - the Market has berries for you to try.  

If you do bring your children, please keep them with you in the row you have been given.  

5. We have a play area for children but it will only entertain them for so long, and we do not hire staff to look after them.  All children need to be monitored while enjoying the play area.  Please do not leave your children unattended in the play area while you pick berries.  Our farm is very large, and children could easily get disoriented trying to find you.  You may want to bring someone along to supervise them while you pick.


Picking Advice

1.  Picking strawberries with or without hulls depends on what you plan to do with the berries.  if you're not going to be able to process them for while, or you want them for fresh eating, leave the hulls on.  They will stay fresher longer.  If you're just taking them directly home to make jam or freeze them, pick the hulls off as you pick them.  It will save you time later.

2.  As soon as you get home, put your berries in the refrigerator.  You can't leave them in the garage overnight.  Our berries are more perishable than those imported, because they are picked fresh and not green.  There also aren't any added preservatives for freshness added.  The sooner you process them, the better the flavour.

3.  It's best to pick in the morning, when there are lots of berries and it's cooler.  You can take them home and process them in the afternoon.


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