Celebrating Our Staff

August 16, 2017

Time to party!  We love to celebrate our staff and the harvest season.  Many of our summer staff are University and grade 11 and 12 students who are just now beginning to move back into their dorms across the country or close to home. That is the reason for us to hold the staff appreciation BBQ and talent show now, so we are able to include everyone.

Talent show you say? Yes, talent abounds here at Krause.  Tell us about your talents, hobbies and passions is a question asked in the interview process.  No getting off the hook now that we know how you shine!  Each area gets free rein to showcase these incredible talents.  We have experienced so much talent over the years, some with tears of emotion to tears of uncontrollable laughter. Krause staff of all ages never cease to amaze us!

We love being a part of our students growth and development, helping them build a foundation of positive skills for their future.  Our year round full and part time staff enjoy mentoring them and working along side of them teaching and learning from them as well. 5 years ago, I received a phone call from a parent about a week after her son began working at Krause.  She asked me what I had done to her son!  I was taken back and asked her to explain what she meant and she proceeded to tell me when she asked him to do something he got up and did it and when she thanked him,  he replied  “MY PLEASURE”, she told me she just about fainted! You see we teach them little things that have big impact.  We are not allowed to use the words, your welcome, when thanked, we want to give them confidence to serve all of you and that is the very first step. We explain to them that it is truly our pleasure to serve you, it is why we are here! We are all sad to see them go after the Labour Day weekend  for 2 reasons, first we value their contributions to the work load and second, part of that same work is still there! There are a dozen or so who stay with us working weekends in the kitchen and for Friday night Fresh Sheet dinner’s and events year round.

Many of our seasonal staff return year after year, some all the way from grade 11 through graduating from University.

We look forward each year to welcoming the first year’s and seeing who comes back to teach them how we work hard and smile our way through each busy day!  The biggest rewards are watching a 16 year old work full time during the season side by side with a seasoned staff, part time the rest of the year to pay for their education, year after year until they graduate, some for 6-7 years.  Alf and I feel very proud of these students and honoured to have provided them with a safe and fun place of employment to do so. Each year we have the pleasure of seeing and visiting with these students who come back to introduce their husband and then again to introduce their first born. Our hearts swell as they come back year after year, introducing the next one and the next, all the while reliving their favourite memories of time spent with us.  


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Sandee Krause
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