Falling in Vermont

July 25, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action here comes Hallmark! “FALLING FOR VERMONT” begins setting up today for a week of filming at the farm. The energy they bring is so much fun. Michael, who has directed and produced 2 previous movies at the farm is the writer, and producer of this film, so it feels like a family gathering for home week. Set up is today so we will be in a whirlwind of watching the farm get dressed differently. Tuesday and Wednesday will be filming, so those are quieter days of stepping around cables and people and catching glimpse of action. While Thursday is take down and put us back together day.  It is amazing to watch how we are transformed into something so different and then presto, right back to ourselves within hours. Hallmark takes such good care of all

of the areas of the farm they are in and it truly is a pleasure to work with them. 

Lead Location Ken, Alf, Director Dave, Sandee, Writer and Producer Michael


If you are on the farm during any of these days you may see our Fresh Family Fun Field looking like a small-town country fair in Vermont complete with Ferris wheel, vendor and games tents and lots of people. I look forward to seeing the food catering truck cooking up the most fantastic dishes to feed the crew. What you won’t see (yet) is behind the scenes in our offices and staff room.  When the movie is released in October you will see it, but it may not even look like us, it will be fun to see. 


My favorite part is the relationships we make and get to experience with these extraordinary creative people. There is nothing quite like settling in with our family for movie night, popcorn and drinks in hand to watch these movies together. The anticipation is felt throughout the room as the movie begins and then something happens in complete contrast of a movie theatre, as we begin recognizing the farm.  We all become Susie seat kickers, Tommy texters and Barbie blabbermouths all in one, it’s so much FUN!

(Sandee & Lead Actor Ben)

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Sandee Krause
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