Mother's Day

May 13, 2017

This Sunday we are honored to serve Mom’s, Grandma’s and their families at our annual Mother’s Day Waffle event.  It is very fun to welcome them as they enter, coiffed, dressed beautifully and wearing their biggest smile of the year!


As a Mother of 6 and a Grandmother of 3, I get to absorb all of this happiness into my day.  I’ve celebrated many Mother’s Days with breakfast in bed, homemade jewellery boxes, necklaces and treasured cards and loved every gift, but there is something extra special about sharing this day with other Mom's at the farm.  I experienced this when my oldest daughter, Sarah, became a Mother and we began celebrating together - sharing has definitely doubled the pleasure of the day.


She has welcomed me so gracefully to form relationships both together and one on one with each of her 3 children in many special ways - from baby time to school, park, play and sleep overs.  I enjoy experiencing what I call LOVEBOLTS - those intense feelings when one of them looks or says something that takes me back to my Mothering of her.  Sometimes they are so strong, I have to give myself a little shake and remember I’m not 29!  

My Mother and I do not spend Mother’s day together as she lives in California, but we opt for a 2 - 4 weeks stay at the farm over the busy summer season instead - which is so much better!  She don’s her blue farm shirt embroidered with “Baby Grandma” and makes her way around the farm striking conversations with all of the farm guests.  Over the years she has made many special friendships. We receive calls and questions from guests asking when she’s coming up as they want to visit when she’s here.  My Mother is helpful with their choices and has a wealth of knowledge to share.  


Each evening she sums up the day from what she hears and sees and educates me on how I can serve cutomers better.  Some of you may smile and raise your eyebrows, but its all good, as she knows it’s exactly what I want to hear!  I am so gratefull she gives me so much of herself each year. We have fun cooking, baking and enjoy a steady stream of family dinners together.  This past year was very special as we meaningfully captured some of that fun!

 This Mother’s Day we sold out very shortly after reservations became available, so I am sorry if you aren’t able to join us. For the first time this year we will be offering reservations for Father’s Day Waffles, so maybe we’ll see you then as we celebrate another very Special person in our lives!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s of Krause farm, staff and guests alike.  

I love sharing this day with you!



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Sandee Krause
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