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March 6, 2017



.......and it's a wrap! In keeping you up to date with what goes on behind the scenes at the farm I have some fun experiences to talk about. The farm has had the opportunities to be a location set for the movies! It is a growing and booming business in BC, and the farm has been used over a dozen times now. We have especially enjoyed the last couple of years working with the Hallmark folks. 

Last year we were one of the main sets for "Love By Chance".  It was fun getting to know Michael the director and many of the crew. The movie was filmed in our Harvest Kitchen in February.  It is always fun to see how they take it apart, rebuild it, then put it back together perfectly.  I always enjoy walking through and seeing bits and pieces of our farm mixed in with the set. When we saw the movie on TV and recognized the scenes that were shot in the kitchen we were elated! 

In the fall we welcomed Michael and his crew back for "Pumpkin Pie Wars".  

Such a fitting movie for us as we are so famous for our pies! This time they were everywhere on the farm - inside and out.  A carnival was set up around the farm and inside the Fresh Family Fun Field with amusement type rides.  Michael told us to expect the 'Circus' early in the morning.  I, not versed in Movie lingo, took him literally, as it seemed to fit with the theme of the movie.  I got up early in the morning, checking every half hour for the "Circus" to arrive.  I was very excited to watch as the steady stream of big white trailers and trucks appeared.  I waited at the window of my office watching for a VERY long time for the Elephants, Tigers and Horses to be let out of one of the trucks. Nothing resembling animals appeared.  Disappointed, I went to find Alf, he smiled and gently put his arm around me letting me down easy and explained what the "Circus" is in the movie industry.  It means ALL the trucks with equipment, dressing rooms etc.. and , has nothing to do with animals.  

Although I was SO DISAPPOINTED, I was still excited when they rolled in.  It's a sight in itself!


I have learned that things change on a dime in the movie industry. We had planned our annual BBQ for staff appreciation in an area they wanted to use at the last minute. Chris the director was so accomodating and we relocated to their actors eating area where our staff got to experience what it's like to eat from Jeffs amazing food truck. He cooked up a storm for 90 of us with only a days notice. What a feast it was! The producer took to the stage after and spoke with our staff for half an hour about the industry, it was very educational and fun! 


The last couple of weeks we welcomed Hallmark back for 2 more movies, simultaneously.

"A Fool and his Honey", we were the parking only for filming in a house around the corner. The farm fields were a sea of white from all this snow we've been experiencing.

The other was for "Like Cats and Dogs". The Market, Winery and Cottage were all involved. I had high hopes for the big yellow semi, hoping to see the caterer truck roll in.  Imagine how overjoyed I was to wake up and see it right under my window! Jeff cooked my eggs just the way I like them and his assistant ....added all the fixings. What a team! One of these days I'll ask him if I can jump in and help out, they work so hard and have many mouths to feed!

The director Lincoln was very accomodating, allowing me to posts some of the scenes for you. I enjoyed talking to him as he's from an area in California that I grew up in. It was fun to talk with him about places we were both familiar with. 


We welcome signing these movie contracts with them for a number of reasons.  

Top 3 are:
They are environmentally friendly, showing care about our farm and property.

Everyone is friendly and FUN.

They leave us exactly how they found us.
Go to Hallmark website, Netflix or which ever you subscribe to and see if you can find us in the different scenes.  Let me know if you do!

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Sandee Krause
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