Firefighters Fundraiser

October 1, 2016

Sandee Krause


 The proceeds from the Firefighters fundraising event held in the fresh Family Fun Field totals are in! Today we felt proud to present the Township of Langley Firefighters’ Charities with a cheque in the amount of $8,469.86. This year marks the 3rd annual event and already we are looking forward to next years event. 


The Firefighters do amazing  work in our community!  This year’s proceeds go directly to a beautifully designed ( by iPlayCO) new play area in the Paediatric unit Kids’ Room at  Langley Memorial Hospital.  Each year Ann, Alf and I meet with Jhim and Doug to begin planning the event. We talk about the many ways we can create a fun, educational day for visitors to participate in, get to know your firefighters and the work they do.  The firefighter’s set up their fire hoses, they bring their smoke trailer and photo booth as well as their firetruck.  Families explore them throughout the day and get to see and feel what it is like to be a firefighter.



They also bring the Remax Balloon, offering tethered rides, a big bouncy pillow for extra fun and a face painter for the little ones.  We include all the fun activities for families in our Fresh Family Fun Field, such as the giant Strawberry and Pumpkin jumping pillows, Berry Ball, Duck Races, Tractor Training field with pedal carts along with Giant story books and family board games.



Live entertainment on the stage makes way for my favourite, the fireman pie eating contest. Pauline bakes 12 delicious pies for the contest, Jhim get’s the Firefighter’s and the crowd hyped and the countdown begins. The firefighter’s have 2 minute’s to do their best with their hands behind their back sitting down on their chairs. At the 2 minute count down the whistle blows and then it’s hands in, bodies off chairs, all techniques to finish are employed until the winner is declared!  




And you think that is the finish, but it isn’t!  It’s all that excitement, plus more. We pass the fireman’s boot one last time to see my husband Alf, take a pie.  The last 2 year’s I couldn’t find anyone to throw, and had to myself, but this year I got lucky and found one of our staff’s 2 children to volunteer.  Nanaki’s lovely daughter, Daya and son Nevin volunteered.  5 year old Nevin asked me to hold his glasses before going onto the stage to throw and it was then I realized he had thought he was getting the pie instead of Alf, now that was a real trooper volunteer! (photo)


Thank you, to all of you that attended and contributed to this total, enabling the firefighter’s to make this dream a reality, we appreciate you very much!











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Sandee Krause
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