When I Saw This, I Thought of You..

September 3, 2016

Sandee Krause


Thoughtfulness abounds around here each summer from family, friends, guests and staff. Whenever I see a  pretty bag or box usually tied with a big bow arrive in my office, I get excited to see what the thoughts were that compelled the gift.   


This summer my cousin from Oregon, Tina Andal, who visits each year on her way to camp in Washington, zips over the border to gather her pre-ordered pies and goodies for her turn in the food rotation. Her fellow campers (I hear) have come to eagerly await her goods. Of course she doesn’t need to bring us anything but this year was such fun!  She said she thought of us instantly when she saw this in a store and had to bring it to us.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Thank you Tina! 





























Everly, one of our youngest staff member’s made a trip to Nova Scotia and brought us back a trio of Haskapa jam, chutney and relish. She has been working along side of our Taster Tech Cheryl, and is the smiley face who greets you upon entering our market with a plate of goodies to taste.  You will also find her in the kitchen where she learns all about jam making under Pauline’s watchful eye. She knows the efforts that go into the process and we appreciate her sharing her find with us. 


Kezia, our seasonal gardener who cares for the potager,  u-pick flower garden and makes all baskets and flowering pots look beautiful, arrived with a jar of pickled swiss chard wrapped in a pretty pink bow.  She made this with her own hands at home using some of the swiss chard she tends.  She loves her job and we love her work and her thoughtfulness with all living things!






















And then there are our guests…Twice a year when the beautiful large purple bag appears we smile knowing that our neighbours Bev and Barry have thought of us yet again. They say it is their way to thank us for continually  providing work for their grandchildren over the years.  We look forward to the next grandchild’s application and are thrilled to employ them. They tell us they are so proud of the farm and they take our products everywhere they travel, spreading the love.  Their gifts are wonderful and are always something that we can share with our staff.  

It’s all very sweet - their gifts and thoughtfulness.


Each Friday at our morning manager meeting Ann, our operations manager gives me incoming thank you cards, emails, phone conversations  and comment cards for sharing.  These inspire our team throughout the harvest, we have much to be thankful for!





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Sandee Krause
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