Our Online Store is Live!

June 16, 2016

Sandee Krause


Yay, we launched our new website and now the online store is live!  After months of taking photos, cropping, editing and site designing by our photographer Heather, then building, weighing, connecting and linking it together by our tech wizard Torrey, we can now offer guests from near and far another way to experience Krause Berry Farms!























It was a real celebration here at the farm when all the details finally came together, the site went live, and it launched!!! The journey for this goal began back in October 2015 with Heather, who takes all the AMAZING mouthwatering and very accurate photos at the farm, decided to take on the creation of a new website and online store. She captured each stage of the process it takes to produce the over 100 items that we make using the products we grow in our own fields.  We are working our way through each season, and still have a few crops & moments left to capture, but felt we had enough to launch the site and store.  


I felt the most important thing was that the website photos be true to who we are, which is the guideline for everything we do.  We took the long way around, but Heather and Torrey stayed true to our vision.  I am very proud of them, they worked beautifully together and with me throughout the entire process.  Heather and I have a fun project that we’re working on for the coming year, which we are very excited about…but that’s a story for another day! 



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Sandee Krause
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