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Give the gift of dinner, dessert and a bottle of wine from our Estate Winery!

Simply pop the pizza and pie in the oven, open the Sparkling wine and relax. We can also pre-bake the pizza and pie for you so it’s ready to enjoy when you pick it up. Select the pre-baked option from the drop down.

(Size: 25 inches wide, 14 inches deep & 4 1/4 inches tall)

This box includes:

One roasted corn & artichoke vegetarian pizza

One berry filled double crust pie (product & pricing may vary) see notes to add your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of pies

One full sized 750ml bottle of wine (product may vary) see notes to add your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice of wine. (Choice of wine may affect pricing)

*You can make your pie and sparkling wine selections at check out by typing in your choices in the notes section (we cannot guarantee your selections). If you prefer not to pick, we will select for you.  

**Products will be frozen when picked up unless you select the pre-baked option. Please deliver this box immediately or take it home and place the pizza and the pie in the freezer. Do not freeze the wine - basic price is $84.27

Basic price of Frozen $75.05 includes bottle of Blueberry Wine and Blueberry Pie

If you would like to pick up the corn pizza and pie baked - the price will be $79.57 

Any difference in pricing as per choices given will be collected at time of pick up.

Thank you!

*Don’t forget to select one of our blank postcards to write a message on, and one of our five stickers to be placed on the top of the gift box.