September 2021

Our Purpose is to Give Excellent Care

Guests wishing to enjoy personal wine tastings inside the winery, or wines and fresh hot waffles on site - in our covered or outdoor garden areas - will be required to show their vaccine passport. This has been mandated by the BC Government - not the farm. We wish to keep our doors open to all of you - our valued guests - so we will continue to follow all government rules and health codes.
We appreciate your kindness towards our staff.

Masks are mandatory for all guests in all areas of the farm, including wait lines and upick fields. Children 2 years of age and under are not expected to wear a mask.


Upick Protocols - Mask are mandatory in upick fields - except for children 2 and under. Check in at the berry counter, pre-purchase containers for each person in your group to pick into. We do not allow outside containers of any kind. Staff will assign a row or area for you to pick in. Upick is one way flow only. Please stay in your area and maintain distance from other guests. Absolutely no eating while picking berries for sanitary reasons. 


Market & BakeryWalk In One Way Flow between groupings of 4 family members only – per berry floor decal. 

Please wait to move forward till the guests ahead have moved on.

Sanitized Shopping Carts Mandatory for all guests to maintain distancing.



 Waffle Bar Walk In Open Daily - between the Market and the Estate Winery. One way flow, maintain distance while in line. 

 Guests are required to stay 2 meters apart at all times, including the line up - masks mandatory when not eating or drinking. If you wish to enjoy your waffle in ANY of our onsite seating areas, you must show your vaccine passport. PLEASE NOTE - We also make waffles 'TO GO' and a passport is not required for take out. Guests must enjoy them in their car or off site.
One Way Flow.  
Covered open air, patio and garden seating available.  


Estate Winery - Seperate enter and exit doors for one way flow. Please enter and wait for staff to direct you.

Masks Mandatory Everywhere - except for children 2 years of age and under.

We suggest you bring your own Personal Protective Equipment.

We provide sanitizing stations for your hands at every entrance and inside each area of the farm that is currently open.

Sanitizing spray and paper towels are provided for tables should guests wish to wipe them down before use.

Porta Potties Provided.


No Animals

No Outside Food or Beverages

No Smoking or Vaping