Meet our Farm Family

L-R back row: Tanner, Sandee, Alf, Jared, Ryan, Tracey, Grayden

L-R middle row: Holly, Sarah

L-R front row: Kale, Emme, Brynn

Alf Krause, Owner

Growing is what I love, both the crops and the opportunity to see what we grow come right off the field and into the Harvest Kitchen to be made into now over 100 products. Seeing guests enjoy visiting and our staff warmly receiving them makes our efforts all worthwhile. There's a lot of hard work that goes into preparing the land, seeding and nurturing the crops. Every Spring the feeling of wonder as crops again emerge out of the soil continues to be rewarding. Even after 42 years I am still amazed by this simple, yet powerful growing cycle.


Sandee Krause, Owner

I am equally passionate and proud of the crops we grow, the products we produce in our Harvest Kitchen and the wonderfully talented staff who contribute to our beautiful farm and estate winery.  I feel very honored to work with all of our staff and to be able to provide work to the youth in our community and watch them develop into responsible and confident young adults.  I love to have fun in all I do and sincerely hope that all we do, ensures that you will have fun here too!


Ann, Office Administrator

I joined the farm team in 2006 and have worked in all areas of the farm. I currently work in the office organizing all the many details of our growing farm. The variety of work is ever challenging and always rewarding. I love the fresh berries and everything else we make fresh on the farm. It's all so BERRY delicious. I invite you to come enjoy the farm with your family and friends. It's a wonderful place to make memories and start traditions. Hope to see you berry soon!



Tammy, Accounting

I joined the Krause Family Farm in the fall of 2013. I work in the office doing the accounting needs such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank account administrator, and also the payroll administrator to our 200+ employees at peak season. I love working with numbers, and feel I have found my happy place working here at Krause Farms! I love being this close to watching the Seasons change and seeing the "fruits" of so much hard work roll in with the harvest. It is truly a privilege working with such a great team! My favorite thing made at the Farm (other than the fresh fruit) is the Apple Raspberry Pie, the perfect balance. 


Catherine, Market Manager

Heather, The Social Side of Things

Social Media/Photography




Megan, Harvest Kitchen Manager


Julie, Ice Cream Smith

I’ve been working at Krause for two years now but this is my first year making ice cream. I love this place because I get to work alongside some pretty awesome and supportive people. The farm has such a positive and welcoming atmosphere. My favourite product would have to be the berry cookies. They’re especially delicious if you pair them when one of the many ice cream flavours we have to make an ice cream sandwich.. so good! 


Toby, Wine Maker


Born in Langley and raised just down the street from the farm it seems only natural that someday Krause Farms would become home.

With over a decade of fruit wine making experience it seems there isn’t much that can slow this winemaker down.  Anything from standing on the bottling line hour after hour or judging for an international wine competition and leading the charge to stay on schedule ensuring you have your favorite wines in stock.


Things have come full circle after being involved with the team who produced the very first batches of wine released under the Krause Farms Label and now after many years returning to head the winemaking department and continue to produce the high quality award winning wine Krause Farms Estate Winery is known for.



Ted, Resident Winery Manager

All the world's a stage and I am a character upon it. In 2012, I joined the Krause Berry Farm team as Resident Winery Manager. Most days you will find me resplendent in my Derby Hat as I assume the role of an Old West bartender as I serve up great wine and good times in our winery. However, there are days when my love of strawberry custard pie cause me to change hats and become the purple pie-man. The excitement of Christmas at Krause almost always results in me becoming Telf, that's Ted the elf! When away from the farm you might find me in the uniform of an Air Force Reserve Officer, playing the role of a BC Renfest chartacter or serving on a community service committee. 



Nanaki, Harvest Crew Manager

I have been working with the field crews at Krause Berry Farms for the past 18 years. My favourite Krause product is the wine of course! I also love the milkshakes here and can't imagine a days work without a creamy sweet strawberry milkshake! I am so happy that my children love to come out to the farm to enjoy the playground and all of the fun things that Krause has to offer for the young and young at heart!



Paul, Crop Care Manager

I have been with the farm for almost 2 decades.  It began as a seasonal job but became a full time position as the farm grew from a seasonal berry stand to a farm market and winery.  Through this transition, I've had the opportunity to be involved with many aspects of the changes, which has been a wonderful experience especially when it all comes together.

For the most part, I am kept busy with the field work.  In spring I am preparing for planting.  Summer is mostly maintaining the crops, weeding , the Integrated Pest Management System and the irrigation.  The best part is all the finished product - the food that you the guest get to enjoy!

What I enjoy the most is all the wonderful people I get to work with....from the kitchen and winery staff to those that help me with the field work, the office staff that holds it all together and especially Balwant who fixes my tractor when it's broken!

So if you see me on the tractor, give me a big wave - because I am glad you chose to visit Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery.



Audrey, Resident Artist

I have been painting signs for the farm since 2002. Sandee and I started with rough plywood, block letter stencils and 2oz acrylic craft paints. Now, 14 years later with the aid of the computer and the advancement of paint durability, I am able to create colourful, glossy, and weather proof signs exclusively for Krause Berry Farms. Writing chalk signs or creating unique items for displays are among the other fun things I do. Sandee’s creativity is constantly challenging me to try new things artistically. I am very proud to be the resident artist of Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery.  Visit Audreys Art Bar held in the Estate Winery Thursday evenings.  



Balwant, Resident Mechanic


Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery 6179  248th Street, Langley BC  604-856-5757      

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