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Farmers live a life of hope.  Hope for good weather in growing season.  Hope for cold weather in winter.  Hope for enough rainfall.  Hope for a plentiful harvest.  We at Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery are a people of hope.  We love life, family, fresh air and freshly grown berries and veggies!

We are closing the farm for a couple of weeks in hope that this will make a difference in the lives of our staff, our community and our medical teams working so hard to take care of their patients.

So we are going to be home - living, loving, laughing and enjoying our time with our families in hope that this unknown time will soon pass and when it has, we will all be so grateful.


Our online store is open - place your oder then we will send you an email with safe sanitized pick up instructions.

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Frozen Berries

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Estate Wines

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Frozen Soups

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Double Crust Pies

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Farm Made Meals

Crop Watch  
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About Us

Learn more about the farm and how we started

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Sustainable Farming

Learn more about our crops and how we care for them

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